International book festival opens in Irkutsk


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International book festival opens in Irkutsk

Fifty writers from Russia, Poland, Germany, Israel, will arrive in the capital of Priangarie, 70 publishers will bring his books. There will be lectures, discussions, autograph sessions, the Russian championship in reading aloud, the concerts of "Gromyko" and students of the school-Studio MXAT. Will run a childrens Playground and a pitching. Known, award-winning writers, poets, playwrights, among which Dmitry Vodennikov, Roman Senchin, Alexander Snegirev, Alisa Ganieva, Ivan Vyrypaev, as well as local literary "stars" for three days will turn Irkutsk in the literary capital of Russia. The organizer of the Irkutsk International book festival was organized by the Fund of Oleg Deripaska "Volnoe Delo". One of the most successful entrepreneurs of Russia, philanthropist, explained why he wanted this cultural expansion. *** Entrepreneur Oleg Deripaska: "every day I find time for books" — Why did You decide to support the book festival? — Now, when seemingly not enough sometimes 24 hours a day, every day I find time for books.

For me it is not just knowledge or new information that I receive. It's a lifestyle, a habit instilled from childhood. The book festival is a good opportunity to get acquainted with famous authors and their books, help to make a choice from thousands of publications, hear and discover something new. It is a good format to experience the world and expand their ideas about it.

This is an opportunity for cultural communication, exchange of opinions, meetings with interesting people, which in our time is particularly necessary. — Why Irkutsk? — For us it is very important for the city and region as a whole. Irkutsk is traditionally one of the cultural centers of Eastern Siberia. However, despite the fact that in the large Siberian cities the efforts of the local intelligentsia, the intellectual and artistic community much is being done to education and cultural development, is not often celebrity guests from the capital and from abroad, renowned authors, performers, artists. Conducting first book festival, we try to contribute to the cultural agenda of the city. — For You, for sure the book means a lot.

And there are those that greatly influenced Your life? — They, like any human reading, there were many. Some memorable images and metaphors, others ideas and thoughts, and others – with new facts and discoveries. It is hard to remember any one, the only one we can confidently say: "After reading it I became who I am now." — Find the time in his employment of fiction? What do you prefer? What genres, authors? Paper book or electronic? What are reading now? Time, of course, not enough for all. I read mostly non-fiction.

No difference – in electronic or conventional form, the book remains a book. For me it is important its contents. Recently read can be called "the Origin of language" Svetlana Burlak, "the Great revolution of ideas" Angus Burgin, "the Birth of complexity. Evolutionary biology today," Alexander Markov, "a Man finds a friend" of Lorentz.

Recent fiction read Beigbeder, Irving, Jo nesbø. — Do you have any plans to share the experience, write something like "How to become successful"? It's too early to write manuals and teach. While trying to work in full force and delve into a variety of processes. To rest on our laurels and wrote a memoir – it's not for me.

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